Take is a platform that immerses fans in a stadium experience unlike anything they have seen before. They are introduced to an unlimited source of information that compliments their live viewing experience, while also bringing the thousands in attendance together in conversation and discussion. This is a tool that gives everyone the ability to create the experience they want to have. Take is the bridge between person and place, turning a simple viewing experience into an unforgettable visit.

Special thanks : Trevor Greenleaf & Brian Boyl
Skills : User Interface design, UX design, Branding, System thinking
Tools : XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision



To implement this experience, a considerable amount of information needs to be monitored. Administrators will have the tools necessary to control and dictate the energy levels inside the stadium. This includes operation of scoreboards, replays, displays and more, all of which are key components when looking to produce an one of a kind memorable experience.