Next House

(Type Design, UX/UI, Product Design, Environmental Design)

An immersive experience for High School runners to learn about themselves, train with advanced technology, and explore the future. UnderArmour will protect and educate runners as their limits are pushed to new heights.

ArtCenter course sponsored by Under Armour.
Creating a brand-centric, authentic “Future Run Experience” through footwear, apparel, retail space and visuals.

UX design, UI design, Type design, 
Identity systems, research. 

Team : 
Travis Cantrell : Graphic Design
Aries Wang : Environmental Design
Michael Yan : Product Design
Chase Ghiglia : Product Design

NEXT Typeface

NEXT is inspired by UnderArmour’s Next House ethos as it embodies dynamism and holistic principles. Modular in form, yet still allowing expression to define each character that is as unique as itself.


Generation Alpha :
The Future High School Runners

Born in 2010-current, known as “generation glass”, these individuals are exceptionally expressive and very adaptable.
We are very aware that Generation Alpha is experiencing a new normal today.

The Next House :
Digital Retail Experience

Through digital textile displays visitors can interact and engage with products they have found either from the Next House or it’s mobile digital experience. This sustainable retail experience allows UnderArmour to reduce its impact in production and logistics while giving the individuals a refreshing shopping environment.

Shift App

The Next House :
Active Training

A Digital Double is a training assistant that utilizes collected data from your UnderArmour gear to create a digital twin of yourself. This digital double empowers the individual through visualization and focused training as they compete against their future selves.

The Next House :
The Garden

There is more to being an athlete than just practice and performance, having a balanced healthy lifestyle is the key to success. At the Next House, High School runners can relax and restore their energy in the common space. While also having space to connect with their social circles and learn from the UnderArmour ambassadors.

biConceptual Research

The Next House :
Footwear and Apparel

Inside the Next House, High School athletes are given running apparel that monitors their running metrics and provides necessary information to visualize their digital double.